With the mission to leave an indelible mark on boutique property development throughout Queensland’s South East, Spyre Group presents Arc, an unrivalled expression of riverfront living, where craftsmanship and innovation culminate to provide an architectural response that is completely formed and founded by Brisbane living. By creating projects beyond the traditional limitations of structure, and through the formation of buildings that resonate with their surrounds, Arc presents a landmark moment at the true apex of Toowong’s riverfront. In mirroring the heritage nature of waterside structures and providing a highly distinctive iteration of curved articulations, Arc rethinks the way we live.

Spyre Group is an Australian residential property development specialist, credited as a key player in the creation of luxury and high-end apartments within Queensland and beyond. With over $300 million worth of luxury developments, Spyre Group has identified a genuine demand in the market for luxury properties that inspire through their design and innovation. Here, Spyre creates homes that inspire clients to define their own standard of luxury, providing extraordinary, personalised sanctuaries that are designed for life.


Bureau^proberts reputation is unsurpassed as an architectural practice at the forefront of transforming South East Queensland's urban fabric. For nearly three decades bureau^proberts has devised and developed urban renewal opportunities from boutique developments to large-scale mixed use, multi-residential and public projects where the firm continues to redefine contemporary design.


CUSP is an award winning landscape architecture and urban design studio passionate about enriching quality of life through sustainable, healthy, and resilient environments.


A statement of architectural excellence.

Mirrored by luminous waters at a highly visible junction, Arc is an opportunity to experience a commanding place of significance. A bend of charismatic stature accompanied by a verdant play of inviting archways, Arc invites a new lifestyle inertia. A strong statement from the façade to the river frontage, Arc creates a vertical rhythm with the control of light. As the name suggests, it uses circular shapes and sculpted forms to create an inviting curved edge and cylindrical invitation to residents and passers-by.



The masters of hand-blown glass lighting, Oliver Hoglund & Ryan Roberts have ensured each Arc residence contains a truly original piece of ‘functional art’. Creating never seen before shapes in lighting, SOKTAS have created lavish pendants that culminate in a tempered lighting feel with a hand-shaped aesthetic. SOKTAS is locally based in Currumbin and draws on the technique of Kosta Boda Glassworks in Sweden married with a custom Australian aesthetic.

“The process of hand-blowing glass is rigorous and intense, but essential in delivering a custom feel to a highly individualised lighting piece. We pride ourselves on the skills and techniques that we have spent 20 years refining and developing to create a lasting beauty and distinct elegance in our designs. A coral trio pendant has been chosen for Arc to exemplify the striking nature of the building itself.”

wolf appliances

Wolf specialises in performance-driven appliances with a professional edge. Featuring an instantly recognisable aesthetic, exceptional built quality, intuitive features and the latest technology, Wolf guarantees exceptional results every time. Prevalent in the world’s finest kitchens and endorsed by the most discerning chefs, Wolf ensure quality without compromise.

earp bros

Established in 1883, surviving two World Wars and the Great Depression, Earp Bros have adapted and evolved as purveyors of quality goods. For the last 20 years, Earp have focused on becoming Australia’s most trusted supplier of the world’s highest quality surface materials, including ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stone and innovative surface products. Earp Bros partner with the world’s most respected manufacturers to bring a range curated for Australian conditions, performance requirements and design sensibilities. Today, Earp are a 6th generation company led by brothers Michael and Richard Earp with showrooms across Australia.


Brodware draws together genuine materials, expert detailing, exquisite proportions and artisanal craftsmanship to create personal and luxurious environments. Their tapware, fittings and accessories are dynamic, three dimensional forms that deliver graceful silhouettes, detail and meaning to any space. Brodware ensures each touch point in even the most functional spaces of each residence are exemplified and elegant.